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Fort Greene Music Scene Brooklyn, New York
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Music Lessons

4 & 5 Year Olds (Weekly 1/2 hour lessons on piano only)

The student will receive individual attention on piano for 30 minutes. The lesson will focus on training the young students' ear as well as developing coordination; first through clapping rhythmic patterns and reciting syllables, then through mimicking melodic phrases, developing his/her manual dexterity on the piano while discovering his/her new singing voice. Sparking an interest in music is key at this stage, no reading or writing assignments will be given. Parent or guardian should be present during lesson and may be asked to participate.

6 Years to Adult (Weekly 1 hour lessons on any instrument)

Each student will receive individual attention on his/her instrument for a full 60 minutes. At this point, reading and writing music is introduced to younger students and beginners. All students will receive written homework assignments with an integrated and comprehensive approach to music theory, as well as being given scales and finger exercises for daily practice. The student will learn selected songs appropriate for his/her level. Various styles of music and artistic influences will be covered from classical to contemporary. Lessons will also cover ear training and sight reading drills. Students are expected to practice and complete homework assignments on time. All children are encouraged to perform at the Spring Recital in June.

Lessons in the Studio are scheduled Monday through Friday between the hours of 3pm and 8pm. Saturdays by appointments only.

Lessons in your home are scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays. You must call to find out the current schedule as availability may change each month and each quarter.

Registration must be done in person at the Studio to receive your free orientation lesson.

Music books and other supplies can also be purchased at the Studio.

Guitar students must have their own instrument to practice on at home and to bring to class. If not, we will send you to our favorite stores to purchase your first guitar!

Piano students must have a piano or keyboard to practice on at home. If not, you can purchase a keyboard for around $200, ask us, we’ll tell you where!

Fort Greene Music Scene will find you a new or used piano at no charge if you are already a registered student. We also have moving and tuning services available!

Note to parents: Music lessons require patience and commitment on the part of both student and parent. If we are going to see your child develop his/her musical talent and ability, your participation and cooperation are greatly needed. To make any real progress, practicing every day and coming to lessons every week and on time is very important. It is imperative that you are supportive and encouraging in the home. It is difficult and frustrating to teach a child who is always unprepared. Please make sure your child’s homework assignments are completed before the next lesson and that they bring all necessary books and sheet music with them every week. To receive your full hour, please arrive promptly as lessons are scheduled back to back. Students who are always tardy and unprepared may be asked to leave.

Learning music is a wonderful and rewarding experience. It will help to channel your child’s creative energy and develop a feeling of confidence. It is an investment in their future as well as yours. We look forward to watching your child grow through music.

Jivana Director, Fort Greene Music Scene

Individual Students are accepted on a Monthly or Quarterly plan only.

MONTHLY 4 & 5 yr. olds: 1/2 hour lessons @ $30 each = $120/4 weeks ($150/5 weeks) 6 yr. olds & up: 1 hour lessons @ $45 each = $180/4 weeks ($225/5 weeks)

QUARTERLY (a savings of $5.00 per lesson)

Fall Quarter (Sept./Oct. thru Dec.) 4 & 5 yr. olds: 1/2 hour lessons @ $25 each = $300/12 weeks ($375/15 weeks) 6 yr. olds & up: 1 hour lessons @ $40 each = $480/12 weeks ($600/15 weeks)

Winter (Jan. thru Mar.) Spring (Apr. thru Jun.) Summer (July thru Sept.) Quarters 4 & 5 yr. olds: 1/2 hour lessons @ $25 each = $250/10 weeks ($300/12 weeks) 6 yr. olds & up: 1 hour lessons @ $40 each = $ 400/10 weeks ($480/12 weeks)

For those unable to travel , 1 hour lessons at your home: add $10 per lesson.

Payments are due before the start of the month or the quarter, otherwise a late fee of $10 will be charged. If your account is not current, you may not take further lessons until outstanding balance is paid.

Advance payments ensure your weekly time slot and ensure credit towards rescheduling a missed lesson within the same week if you call a day in advance to cancel. A commitment of 4 lessons per month must be fulfilled, or a minimum of 10 lessons per quarter.

Cancellation policy: Except in the case of emergency, you must call one day in advance to cancel your lesson, otherwise you do not get credit towards a make up lesson.

Make up lessons: Although Fort Greene Music Scene offers make up lessons, cancelling your weekly lesson is not encouraged. We will try to accommodate you with an alternative time slot, however we cannot guarantee that the schedule will allow it. Those who do not call a day in advance to cancel, forfeit the privilege of receiving a make up.




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