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Natalia Huang Piano Studio New York City, New York
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Name:   Natalia Huang
Phone:   9176981005
Website:   Click here to go to my website
Facebook:   Click here to go to my Facebook page
Last Update:    2011-10-26 20:38:07
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Natalia Huang is a piano teacher who knows she is destined to teach. At the age of five, she started to take piano lessons. Even though playing the piano had always been enjoyable, practicing quickly became tedious. For a while, thoughts of quitting piano ran through her mind until she met her teacher, Renee Chang. Renee was a teacher who understood how to communicate with students, and released the passion in Natalia for the piano. Since then, Natalia told herself that she would become a piano teacher that could become a motivation to students like Renee was to her.

Natalia's passion for playing the piano led her to earn many awards. She won several awards at the Southwestern Youth Music Festival, Southern California Bach Festival, and Cypress Competition. Natalia has also performed twice with members of the University of Southern California orchestra during her studies with Paul Huebner.

From the time she started to give lessons at the age of fifteen, she knew teaching would be a career for life. Natalia was a natural at interacting with students and felt at ease when communicating her knowledge onto others. Accepted into the prestigious Manhattan School of Music for Bachelors in Piano Performance, Natalia became focused on becoming an extremely well-rounded pianist. Natalia understood that the more knowledge she gained, the more her future students would benefit from her.

After graduating from the Manhattan School of Music, Natalia set up her private teaching studio in New York City and quickly filled up her studio with students ranging from children starting at age four to adults. Her students perform at annual recitals and workshops, and are known to receive high marks from the ABRSM exam. Natalia's enthusiasm for teaching continues to grow over the years.

One-on-One Instructions The most effective learning occurs with individual attention. Lesson lengths are half hour, forty-five minutes, or an hour. Music Theory All students are required to learn about music theory as it is part of the lessons. Learning theory can enhance piano playing and help students gain appreciation for music.

Ear-training/Sight-reading It is critical to train the ears as well as learning how to play at sight. When the student is ready, the teacher will incorporate this part into the lessons.

Music Appreciation This ties in and solidifies learning acquired during lessons. Students will learn how to listen and appreciate a variety of music during this time.

Workshop/Recitals Performance workshops are held to provide additional public playing opportunities for students. An annual recital takes place at the end of the school year. Royal School of Music Exam Students that are interested in music exams are encouraged to take this exam. The studio maintains a 95% passing rate.

Resourceful Music Library Massive piano literature/CD is made accessible to students whenever possible.

Supplementary Materials Additional worksheets/piano music are handed out at NO ADDITIONAL COST! Music games are always enjoyed and loved by everyone!


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Name:  Jewel
Title:  Son
Testimonial:  Great person. Bonded very well with my 4 yr. old son who never had any type of music lessons what-so-ever. Convenient city location. And the reasonable rates are a HUGE PLUS!

Name:  Roger
Title:  Adult
Testimonial:  Natalia is very patient and accommodating. She's showing me the correct way to play technically so I feel I'm unlearning bad habits, things I would've kept doing if I didn't study with her. I'm also getting to play both technical exercises that will help me overall and songs that I like. So far it's been only a few lessons but it's a great start!

Name:  Megan
Title:  Adult
Testimonial:  I have just recently begun playing piano at 19, with some vocal history. I was afraid that learning so late I would never catch up. Natalia is so energetic, positive, and encouraging that it was difficult to not improve. I recommend her to anyone who wants playing piano to be fun and personal. She is truly a wonderful woman and teacher and I know that she loves her job. If you love your job, you’re good at it.

Name:  Saul
Title:  Adult
Testimonial:  Natalia is excellent and very personable. It is a delightful experience taking lessons with her.

Name:  Bill
Title:  Adult
Testimonial:  Natailia is wonderful

Name:  Beatrice
Title:  Gabriella
Testimonial:  Natalia is an amazing teacher! My daughter who's normally very shy is very comfortable and has come out of her shell around Natalia. She looks forward to her lessons every week and makes sure she practices often so she can show Natalia how well she's progressed. I am very happy with Natalia's style of teaching. She is firm and expects the best of her students but is still very approachable. Sitting in on her lessons with my daughter always make me smile. While she can laugh and joke during the lessons the lessons are taken very seriously. Natalia is professional and very knowledgeable. My daughter is learning not only to play the piano but she is also learning theory, musicality, proper performance "etiquette" and a love of music. It has been a few months shy of a year with Natalia as my daughter's instructor and I am pleasantly surprised at how quickly my daughter has progressed and I really attribute it to the way Natalia teaches. She offers group workshops during the year and sends us information on shows, performances that may be of interest to our family. One of my favorite's is the "practice competition" where you log in your practice times for a period of time for a special prize at the end of the competition. It encouraged my daughter to really remember to practice daily and spend good quality time doing so. Natalia makes herself available via email and phone if we have any questions or concerns in between lessons. We look forward to a very long relationship with her.

Name:  Kimi's mom
Title:  Kimberly
Testimonial:  We have now been with Natalia for about six months and she was recommended to us by our former piano teacher. We enjoy her style, enthusiasm and flexibility. She's very quick to understand her students. She helps my daughter when she struggles and encourages her all the time. She also organizes three to four opportunities a year to perform which is very important for the students. She has a lot of experience and dedication. She genuinely cares about her students and I hope she never stops teaching !!

Name:  Angela
Title:  Victor's mom
Testimonial:  Natalia is a very dedicated piano teacher who shares with her students both the piano’s secrets and, especially, the love for music. Natalia’s piano lessons are appropriate for each child, depending on skills and personality, so I noticed, myself, how my son has developed both piano technique and the pleasure to practice more and more certain songs. Sometimes he challenge himself to play songs more advanced as his level just for fun. It is not so easy to work with children, especially ask them give up playing time for piano lessons, but Natalia finds every time the patience, the understanding and the love required. With Natalia you learn, first, how to feel the music, then how to love it, how to play it and how to never forget it. Thank you Natalia, I have all the admiration and appreciation for the dedication with which you are teaching my son the piano.

Name:  Carli
Title:  Adult
Testimonial:  I came to Natalia's studio with a vague desire to learn about music and piano was an instrument I had chosen strategically, as most musicians I know recommended it as a good base of knowledge for further music studies. All I knew is that I loved music and I wanted to learn to love it more. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher; Natalia has a passion for music and shares it with her students, she stimulates their interest by showcasing master pianists' music (both modern and classical), she pushes her students to work and achieve to the best of their ability, and involves them in the fun, rewarding, and engaging world of music that she so loves. My appreciation for music is ever-growing thanks to Natalia.

Name:  Dave, 29 years old
Title:  Adult intermediate
Testimonial:  Natalia is a strong instructor who continually challenges me and has a vested interest in my development. She's professional, organized, and methodical in every aspect of her lessons, which I appreciate and need as I balance long work hours and a newly married life. Natalia mixes fundamental exercises (chords, scales, and Hanon), basic theory, and challenging pieces in every lesson. I'm very pleased with my progression. Most importantly, the lessons are fun and interactive

Name:  Ben, adult student
Title:  Adult
Testimonial:  Natalia's methodical teaching style has been great in improving my technique and my understanding of what I'm playing. I think her excitement for the music is contagious and really helps in my own appreciation. She is also able to select pieces for me that are challenging but also enjoyable.

Name:  Chris, Ilsa’s father
Title:  Ilsa
Testimonial:  My daughter has been taking lessons with Natalia for over a year now and right away I was amazed at the growth of her ability to play. It is obvious to me that Natalia loves teaching piano and cares about her students' progress. Equally important to her is that her students enjoy playing the piano. With every new challenging piece, she takes the time to find out which music appeals to my daughter. She is keenly aware of her students' capabilities and potential and challenges them in a very caring way toward that. Natalia also makes sure that her students have opportunities to perform in front of audiences and organizes wonderful recitals which in turn are great milestones. We love every experience with Natalia. She is a truly great teacher.

Name:  Mabel Lee, Stephen’s mom
Title:  Stephen
Testimonial:  Natalia is an excellent teacher. Not only is she able to effectively communicate areas of piano technique that Stephen needs to correct or improve on, successfully challenging him to better himself; she also takes the time to study his personality and areas of strength, thus allowing him to enjoy advancing his skill and repertoire. She has a a gift of teaching that produces a desire in Stephen to improve and work hard and still truly enjoy piano playing.


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