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Dr. Ken Mahood Leesburg, Virginia
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Name:   Ken Mahood
Phone:   (703) 777-6921
Website:   Click here to go to my website
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Solomon said: "There is nothing new under the sun"1 .......of course he never learned how to be a 'piano monster' with Dr. Ken Mahood.

Now that we have your attention, here's a few quick pointers about learning piano and keyboard You don’t practice for hours a day. You don’t get a boring session of “don’t do this” or “don’t do that”. You DO really learn how to have fun at the keyboard. You DO experience the fun of making your own music. You CAN increase your child’s basic IQ2 through piano instruction. You CAN have your child learn responsibility: It’s up to the student to practice, not the parent. organize your text to make it more understandable for the reader.

The Universal Instrument. So, why is the piano called: “The Universal Instrument”? Because it’s the only instrument where the student can actually “see” all the notes or keys available to play. In that respect, it fosters such a well based source of music concepts that even a first year piano student will have up to an 80% increase in their ability to learn any other musical instrument, including voice. It’s also why voice majors in any college or university four year undergraduate program are required to take at least 2 years of piano instruction. 3 Piano is one of the greatest tools for increasing computer response and learning awareness (because of it’s great attention to detail).4

Where It Happens. Just 15 minutes from Ashburn-Sterling area--in Leesburg, is the “Piano Penthouse” where Dr. Ken makes each afternoon music session light up ( we mean that literally, using the lighting effects in Dr. Mahood’s studio which are coupled to the student’s music output).

No ‘Gimmick’. The great part about everything we’ve said is that this is no gimmick. It’s Ken’s way of reaching young minds and helping them to journey down their own road of musical discoveries and even learn more about responsibilities. Dr. Mahood has taught over 1,500 student how to have fun at the keyboard. He uses his ‘offbeat’ sense of humor coupled with positive reinforcements like contests, awards, and medals. It’s easy to learn more…just try a no obligation Evaluation which lasts a little over an hour. Dr. Mahood will develop a custom learning program based upon your child’s level of musical acuity.

Tuition. It has always been Dr. Mahood’s goal to provide the best possible music education for the lowest dollar amount. Although Ken has outstanding education in his field and over 30 years of teaching in both the public and private sector, our rates are still competitive with the rates normally found with entry level instructors. Please call or contact Dr. Mahood for rates.

About Dr. Mahood Dr. Ken Mahood was recently nominated and elected for the fourth consecutive year to the prestigious Marquis’ “Who’s Who in America” for his work in promoting music education in U.S. Dr. Mahood has over 35 years of teaching experience, and holds a B.S. in music education from The King’s College, M.M. in music composition from Manhattan School of Music (New York), Ph.D. from Metropolitan College of London (United Kingdom), Ph.D. from Concordia College and University (Nebraska) and Ed.D. from Americus University (Wash, DC). Ken is a member of Music Educators National Conference (MENC), The Piano Guild, American College of Musicians, and the Virginia Music Teachers Association (VTMA). He has been the primary pianist at Christian Fellowship Church in northern Virginia for over 23 years and is currently the Associate Music Director responsible for the Traditional Worship Service. In the area of performance, Ken studied with noted composer Aaron Copland and has performed for Billy Graham Crusades, Ambassadors of the Organization of American States (OAS), as well as for Vice President Nelson Rockefeller and President George Bush. Recently, Dr. Mahood was also nominated for the “Lowell Mason Award” each year awarded by the largest educational organization of music educators in the United States, MENC to recognize significant contributors in the area of education.


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