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Yungling Piano Studio Portland, Oregon
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Name:   Louis Yungling
Phone:   9175957137
Website:   Click here to go to my website
Facebook:   Click here to go to my Facebook page
Last Update:    2020-12-07 23:51:18



I was fortunate to be born into a home with a piano, and to have my early years filled with beautiful music. I remember crawling under the piano, wedging myself in between the bench (and legs of whomever was playing) and the soundboard. I used to put my ear against the piano case and listen for as long as someone played. Music was calling me. I had traditional piano lessons from various local piano teachers near my suburban Detroit home. And for my senior year in college my teacher helped me get accepted to the Interlochen Arts Academy school. As a piano student at Interlochen, I studied with Michael Coonrod and developed a passion for the music of Robert Schumann. At Arizona State University I studied piano with Walter Cosand, Jan Meyer Thompson and Rayna Barroll-Aschaffenburg. Several years later and after establishing my own piano studio, I noticed something was missing from my playing. Not only was I trying harder and feeling soreness and pain in my shoulder, but I was also unhappy with the sound I was making at the piano. Thats when I sought out piano teacher and author Madeline Bruser. In her book, The Art of Practicing, Madeline offered help with the very issues I was dealing with. I studied in New York with Madeline for 4 years and she helped me completely redesign my technique and approach to piano playing. The pain in my shoulder disappeared immediately and has never returned. I learned to play with more ease, and I began producing a more beautiful, natural sound that made me fall in love with practicing all over again. Since then I made up my mind to spend my life helping pianists realize their unique musical potential and identify and transform the physical and mental limitations that get in the way of playing the piano the way they yearn to. Other projects Im passionate about include the online concert series I created: COMPASS Concerts. Meditation is so important for musicians and I wanted to bring meditation into the concert experience for everyone. At the start of each concert we share a guided meditation on generosity to deepen our connection to our hearts, minds, and ears and prepare ourselves to make and receive music. If you are interested in taking piano lessons with me and learning more about how I can help you accomplish your goals, please request a free consultation at 917-595-7137. Kind regards, Louis Yungling


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Name:  Michael K.
Title:  Adult Pianist
Testimonial:  Louis is a rare find. He is highly technically proficient in all aspects of music and he is an effective communicator that can translate musical ideas / concepts into practical and actionable steps. Technique, theory, and logical application all rolled into the lessons. I learned a TON from Louis, I have been studying music a long time and his guidance on the piano has vastly increased my knowledge and understanding. Excellent experience.

Name:  Susan R.
Title:  Adult pianist
Testimonial:  I cant remember when I didn\'t have the dream of learning to play the piano. After retiring my dream came true but only after I found the perfect teacher. Louis Yungling is that teacher. I had other teachers in the first few years. None with the kind, caring qualities that excite you about coming to your lesson. There are many who can teach the names of notes, the chords, counting, the keys, etc but Louis teaches you to put those skills into practice. He teaches you to feel music in your body, to be comfortable and be one with the instrument. He helps you build confidence that enables you to enjoy the experience of playing. Louis brought out the musician in me!

Name:  Isabelle H.
Title:  Adult pianist
Testimonial:  I have been taking piano lessons with Louis for over a year, and my piano playing has transformed dramatically. Non only has my technique improved a lot, but my level of comfort in playing in front of people has too. More generally, my self confidence as a pianist has grown a lot stronger. Louis is an amazing teacher. He makes his student feel capable and supported, which, for me, is key to making progress in playing music. I have been playing the piano for over 25 years, and I now enjoy practicing so much that I practice every day, and I look forward to it. I live on the West coast, so our lessons happen online, and it has been working well for me. The only time we had technical issues was due to my router dying. Image and sound quality worked perfectly again after I got a new router. I can see his hands and hear very well when he demonstrates something, and he can clearly hear the quality of my sound when I play. Another great benefit of taking classes online is that I don\'t have to commute anywhere, and I enjoy the time saving! I highly recommend Louis as a teacher for any student of any level.

Name:  Shinichiro I.
Title:  Adult pianist
Testimonial:  I started to take the lesson at Yungling Piano Studio in 2018 after learning on my own for many years. Louis warmly welcomed and helped me very much to create a wonderful and fun journey of the piano & music world. He gives both musical and technical suggestions from many different angles with unique expressions when you need it, but he also helps me grow a lot my potential to listen and play music from the heart. He is very good at helping you to be aware of what you want, where you are now and which way you want to go. It\'s been more than 2 years since I started his lesson and I am still enjoying and learning many things everytime.


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