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The Ashgrove Music Studio Mechanicsville, Virginia
Contact Details
Name:   Laura Carr
Phone:   804-339-6267
Last Update:    2017-01-17 09:32:32
In Virginia: Mechanicsville, East Hanover,



Private Piano Instructor Laura A Carr She has been teaching music to children 6 yrs adults for 35 yrs. as a private piano teacher. Mrs. Carr is experienced as a Musikgarten teacher, a preschool music teacher, a preschool church choir leader, and has taught homeschool music classes K-5. She studied music at Radford University with an emphasis in piano and voice. Laura is an Alto Section Leader at Second Presbyterian Church in downtown Richmond. She is the director of the elementary children's choir. She is a member of Richmond Symphony Chorus and Music Teachers National Association.


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Name:  R Adams
Title:  reference of a teenage student
Testimonial:   I\\\'ve been a student of Mrs. Carr\\\'s for almost 10 years now. Mrs. Carr is very passionate about the piano and her students. She knows how to make you a better musician by giving constructive feedback, explaining where you are musically, where you can improve, and when you\\\'ve mastered a piece she hands out gold (or silver) emblems to acknowledge your accomplishments. But it\\\'s not just about stickers and praises. Mrs. Carr builds personal relationships with each and every student and though she\\\'s a teacher, she seems more like a friend. Every week when you have a lesson, Mrs. Carr makes sure to see how everything is going before beginning. When the lessons starts, she provides activities to help comprehend music theory which coincides with pieces you play. After activities, you go over to the piano and she gives you your own piece to practice and perfect. The price is reasonable for how much knowledge you\\\'ll gain and just the ability to play music is something you\\\'ll treasure for the rest of your life. In Laura Carr\\\'s studio not only will you learn how to play an instrument, you\\\'ll develop an appreciation and love for music, and gain a lifelong mentor and friend.

Name:   David & Christi Adams
Title:  Reference from parent
Testimonial:   Our 3 children all began piano lessons with Laura Carr at the age of 7. Two of them continued their instruction into their middle school years. Our third child continues her lessons today as a high school junior. We remain impressed with Mrs Carr\'s gifts, talents and abilities not only as a musician, but as a teacher. She is able to convey her great love of music to her students. Mrs. Carr appropriately challenges her students and kindly urges them on to improve. She teaches in a manner that holds students\' interest and patiently guides them. Mrs. Carr has played an influential part in our children\'s lives. She is caring, friendly , and approachable. Mrs. Carr is, in short, a highly effective teacher.

Name:  Alison Bollander
Title:  Reference from parent
Testimonial:  Laura Carr is the piano teacher of choice for the Bollander family! Every week my daughter is excited about going to piano. Mrs. Carr builds lasting relationships. She is always positive, upbeat, patient, and encouraging. Mrs. Carr partners with her students to help them excel musically. I should know, she was my piano teacher too!

Name:  Kendra Stanley
Title:  Reference from parent
Testimonial:  Laura Carr has been an amazing asset to my daughter and her musical journey. My 10 year old has now been taking lessons with Mrs. Carr for 2 years and I have noticed a number of improvements since the beginning. My daughter is much more confident in front of others, can read music, can play piano by sight and by memory, and has a true love for all things musical now. Mrs. Carr is very caring and makes lessons fun and interesting, is always enthusiastic, and has a true heart for teaching children and adults music. I cannot express how very lucky we feel to have found such a wonderful piano/music teacher for our daughter.

Name:  June Cappello
Title:  Reference from adult student
Testimonial:  After years of paying for various lessons for my children, I decided to reward myself with piano lessons at the \"set in my ways\" age of 58. A neighbor couldn\'t say enough good things about her experience with laura\'s ability to teach. When I first started lessons Laura took the time to find out what i hoped to get from the lessons, how I learn best, and what kind of music I enjoyed. She has a teacher\'s ability to know when to push me to do more and when to let me go at my own pace. She tries to incorporate songs that I know and like into my lessons. Like any good coach, she insists on getting the basics correct. I have really enjoyed this new learning adventure!


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