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The Art of Piano Performance Boca Raton, Florida
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Name:   Jamila Sahar
Phone:   561-331-1450
Website:   Click here to go to my website
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Last Update:    2017-02-04 06:20:30
Boca Raton / West Palm Beach / Online via google +



The Art of Piano Performance Conservatory Trained Pianist with Master's Degree in Piano Performance and BFA in Jazz Piano Performance Piano Lessons / All Ages/All Levels Competition, Audition Preparation Classical / Jazz / Music Together My philosophy is to push you to exceed your expectations and reach your goals while still having fun. I will push you, but gently and show you a lot of effective ways of practicing so that you acieve more in less time. I am big on technique and really believe in the importance of developing a solid technique, which I will help you to acquire. A strong technique will give you the tools you need to play whatever you want skillfully. With a commanding technique you will be able to focus on making beautiful music. After all it is all about the music ! Speaking of the music, I feel music has two sides, the side where you feel and connect with the music, composer and performer emotionally. There is also a scientific / mathematical side to music which is called music theory. Having an understanding of the analytical side of music helps you to understand what you are playing. Unforgettable performances are the result of deep analysis, emotional connection to what the composer has written and brilliant technical skill. When these elements are bridged together the results are astounding. I generally divide the lesson into three sections: Technique Respertoire Music Theory I feel it is important to bring all of these elements into all areas of music education, particularly performance. I find it is also important to have some historical background on the composer and time period of whatever music you are playing so we will discuss these issues as well during the lessons and I will encourage you to do a little research on the composer of whatever music you are playing. This information is invaluable. What is most important is that you are enjoying your music educational experience. Looking forward to your lessons, enjoying your practice time and having a sense of accomplishment. I will push you to exceed your own expectations but you will set the pace as well as determine what music you desire to play. Jamila Sahar holds a Certificate of Educational Partnership with: Steinway & Sons and is a member of the MTNA and Piano Guild


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Name:  Dr. Kathleen Hanley
Title:  Jamila Sahar / Pianist-Educator Extraordinaire
Testimonial:  “I was very impressed with Ms. Sahar’s ability to work with a diverse group of learners at different skill levels and her enthusiastic teaching style. Her kind, patient and non-judgmental yet firm manner made me feel at ease from the very beginning and I quickly progressed as a result of her clear and encouraging instructions. As a medical school faculty member who has taught medical students and practicing physicians, I appreciate the skill involved in individualizing instruction to learners of different abilities. What is most striking about Ms. Sahar’s teaching is the ease with which she communicates with and instills confidence in players of very different age groups and skill levels” Dr. Kathleen Hanley

Name:  Kemal Gekic
Title:  Testimonial / Jamila Sahar
Testimonial:  “I have known Jamila Sahar since 2009 when she joined Florida International University as a student in our graduate program in Piano Performance. Jamila displays a keen interest in a variety of music styles and forms, from Baroque to contemporary, including more popular idioms such as jazz. Her piano playing shows marked individuality and rich healthy sound which projects to the end of a concert hall. In her dealings with her colleagues she is friendly, affable and always willing to help. Besides piano performance, Jamila has strong interest in pedagogical activity. I believe her eclectic musical background coupled with her stellar character would help her become an excellent teacher, and it is with this in mind that I strongly recommend Jamila Sahar” Kemal Gekic

Name:  Dr. Georffrey Burleson
Title:  Testimonial / Jamila Sahar
Testimonial:  “Jamila Sahar possesses a very strong talent, an impressive virtuoso technique, and a particularly strong idiomatic understanding and conveyance of both romantic repertoire and jazz. Her artistry is very compelling in her performances of standard repertoire, predominantly through her very convincing and resonant control of phrase structure, rubato and nuance. Her brilliant passagework in repertoire ranging from Bach to modern jazz also manifests itself beautifully. Her jazz background includes a jazz performance degree where she worked with a number of noted luminaries. Her talents and accomplishments in both classical music and jazz comprise a tremendous assets, and will greatly enhance any establishment which includes her performance and/or academia” Dr. Geoffrey Burleson

Date:  2013-01-03 05:33:50
Subject:  The Goyescas 'Quejas o La Maja y el Ruisenor'
Blog:  Quejas, ó la Maja y el Ruiseñor—The Maiden and the Nightingale Granados often called the poet of the piano is frequently compared with Chopin due to the highly ornamental figuration as well the influence of nationalist folk music in their melodies and rhythms. Granados indicated they are Goya-like or Goya-esque hence the name ‘The Goyescas’. Regarding Goyescas, Granados wrote, “I am enamored with the psychology of Goya, with his palette, with him, with his muse the Duchess of Alba, with his quarrels with his models, his loves and flatteries. That whitish pink of the cheeks, contrasting with the blend of black velvet; those subterranean creatures, hands of mother-of-pearl and jasmine resting on jet trinkets, have possessed me.” The story of Goyescas is based on a series of six paintings from Francisco Goya’s early career, inspired by the stereotypical young men and women of the majismo movement. “majos” and “majas” are known for their bohemian attitude and spirited nature. In this tale of the goyescas, the four main characters are Rosaria an enchanting aristocratic woman, her lover Fernando the captain of the royal guard, Pepa the maja and Paquiro the majo / toreador. A love triangle is formed when Paquiro flirts with Rosaria and invites her to a dance. Although she ignored his advances, Fernando did observe Paquiro’s advances and now does not trust Rosaria. Pepa also infuriated by Paquiro’s attentions to another woman seeks revenge. Later at the party, tensions are high and culminate in the two majos seeking to fight a dual. Later Rosaria sings a mournful ballad to a nightingale as she fears she will lose him. Fernando approaches and she begs him not to go to the dual and tries to reassure him of her devotion only to him. He still does not fully trust her, and wishes to prove his majismo, and promises to return to Rosaria victorious. Alas, Fernando is fatally wounded in the dual, and the grief stricken Rosaria drags him back to the bench where she sang to the nightingale and professed her love to him. Fernando then dies in her arms. Quejas o La Maja y el Ruisenor the fourth piece of the Goyescas is the only one in the set with a key signature. The monothematic piece is based on a folksong Granados heard sung by a girl in the Valencia countryside. Granados transforms the haunting melody into five variations. It is the scene where Rosaria sings mournfully to the nightingale. The variations start in f# minor, move to b minor and back to f# minor which follows with the nightingale responding in a beautiful cadenza of elaborate figuration. Although there are five variations of the folksong, the piece is written in an improvisational manner where the variations flow directly into the next.