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Piano Teacher Oakton, Virginia
Professional teacher of music and performing musician. I provide instruction for beginning through advanced students of all ages in piano, classical organ, harpsichord and MIDI instruments (including electronic keyboards and their use). Online or in-person lessons. New students are provided with a free consultation during which rates and scheduling are discussedInstruction in music theory and recording/music scoring software; custom recordings using state of the art equipment. Studio is equipped with two Steinway model B grand pianos, harpsichord, classical electronic organ and MIDI recording suite. Degree in music performance with many years of private post-graduate study with Anthony Chanaka and Dr. Conrad Bernier. Member of the Northern Virginia Music Teachers Association, the Washington, D.C. Music Teachers Association, The Fairfax-Loudon Music Fellowship and the American Guild of Organists. I welcome your inquiry about private or group lessons.

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Phone:  703-539-5656Email:  steve@stevebenson.com
Website:  http://www.SteveBensonMusic.comFacebook:  https://www.facebook.com/SteveBensonMusician/
Twitter:  Member Since:   2017-05-19

Vienna, Oakton, Oak Hill, Fairfax, Reston, Fairfax City, Herndon, Mclean, Arlington, Burke, Fairfax Station


Video:   Original composition \"Sunday Afternoon\"
Date:   2018-04-06 15:32:10
Description:   An original composition I recorded in March of 2018 titled \"Sunday Afternoon\".

Video:   When I Fall in Love
Date:   2018-04-06 15:30:56
Description:   An excerpt from a video recording or my arrangement made in 2008 of the famous song by Victor Young.


Name:  Ting L.
Title:  Best studio
Testimonial:  My middle school son has been with Mr. Benson for two years, he is the best teacher we have had. Mr. Benson is a performer himself, he has two beautiful Steinways, one on which the student plays, the other is used to play by Mr. Benson together with student sometimes, this not only helps the student understand better but also makes the lesson more interesting. Mr. Benson also let my son to play on his organ sometimes as part of the lesson. He has a recording system that sometimes is used in the class. Mr. Benson gives the student a detailed assignment after each lesson, which is very helpful for the practices. He is very patient with the student, my son improves a lot in his attitude toward practices. The communication is easy and clear, sometimes we need to cancel or reschedule the lessons, Mr. Benson is always nice to work out the schedule. He cares not only about the music but also about his students as person. We highly recommend Mr. Benson to anyone who would like to learn piano in a supportive and happy environment.

Name:  Ellen B.
Title:  Engaging and Professional
Testimonial:  Steve is an absolute joy to work with. He is knowledgeable, engaging, professional, and makes learning fun. You will make great strides learning from Steve and have a blast while doing it.

Name:  Lisa K.
Title:  A Splendid Musician
Testimonial:  I have worked with Steve Benson in various professional music capacities through the years and while not his student, I can attest to his keen musicianship, attention to detail, professional integrity, responsibility, and ability to communicate with effectiveness and efficiency. As a music educator myself and in many a conversation with Steve, I discern the hard work and creative effort he devotes to his students. He clearly enjoys teaching students young and old and instills in them a lifetime of joyful music making.

Name:  Sean Y.
Title:  Excellent - Adult Student
Testimonial:  Steve is an excellent pianist and teacher. I came to Steve as an adult with little formal training, but had long played by ear with no regard for technique and minimal ability to read music. Steve was very thorough in assessing and correcting my technique, while also being very patient and encouraging, as I was fighting several years of bad habits and muscle memory. A fine musician himself, Steve encourages a keen attention to musicality -- he wants the student to be a true musician, not just memorize the notes. Steve has a wealth of musical knowledge, being a long-time professional and a life-long student of music, and often gives the historical context and significance of various pieces, composers, and schools of technique, which really gives the student a deeper reverence and appreciation for not just the piano but music in general. Steve\\\'s teaching style is very professional -- he is low-key but direct, patient, encouraging, and really seems passionate about each lesson, all the while maintaining a sharp sense of humor. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone who wants to learn piano.

Name:  David B.
Title:  Teacher of Singing Technique
Testimonial:  Steve is a gifted teacher of singing technique. He worked patiently and persistently with me, and with other members of the choir, to help us get the most out of our voices. Steve taught me a whole new way of breathing while singing, and of envisioning how the human voice produces song, that I believe has made me a much better singer. In addition, Steve\'s style and attitude made me want to sing my best for him, and I think this was a response widely shared by others.

Name:  Mary L
Title:  One of a Kind
Testimonial:  My 3 daughters have been students of Mr. Steve Benson for nearly three years now and during that time, I have had occasion to observe his teaching method, manner and results. Mr. Benson is very deliberate and knowledgeable in his method, which at first may seem too slow in producing results, i.e. the student playing recognizable songs. In fact, I myself was skeptical at first since my girls seemed to be learning at a slower rate than their peers studying at different studios. However, in under 2 years, the brilliance of Mr. Bensonís way was abundantly apparent. With proper fingering, proper posture, and the proper reading of music notes, time signature and dynamics, my girls can now out-perform all of their contemporaries; and further, they can sit down to a new piece of music with confidence and work it out in no time, even if they have never heard it! I myself had taken piano lessons for 5 years beginning in middle school, and I can say Mr. Benson has inspired me, through his influence on my girls, to play again. And, more importantly, I have learned more from his method of teaching than I did in all 5 years of my own lessons put together! Finally, as a parent paying good money for lessons, I appreciate Mr. Bensonís manner with the girls, which is infinitely patient, without being soft. Every student needs to be challenged to their potential without being pushed too hard, and I have found that Mr. Benson takes the time to get to know each childís personality, so that he can effectively teach each one in the way that that student needs. I highly recommend Mr. Steve Benson as a piano teacher and truly appreciate his dedication and professionalism in his method and instruction. I love hearing my girls making music in our home, thanks to Mr. Benson! Sincerely, Mary L