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Listing Fees - Piano Teachers List
  Private Piano Teacher(only piano/one teacher) BASIC   $15
  Private Piano Teacher - PREMIUM* ($15+$75)   $90
  Music School(piano and more instruments or more than one teacher) - BASIC   $30
  Music School - PREMIUM* ($30+$75)   $105
  Piano Tuner / Technician - BASIC   $15
  Piano Tuner / Technician - PREMIUM* ($15+$75)   $90
  Piano Store* - BASIC   $30
  Piano Store* - PREMIUM* ($30+$75)   $105

You will also be displayed on the home page under "Featured Member"
Being displayed on the home page will increase your exposure to search engines

Music stores can list too as long as you sell pianos.


The fee is a ONE time registration fee. There are NO annual subscription fees for basic listing.
Premium listing is on yearly basis

Before you go ahead and sign up - Note the fees above!

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