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RGPT - Rich Goldberg Piano Tuning Terryville, New York
Contact Details
Name:   Richard Goldberg
Phone:   631-928-6298
Website:   Click here to go to my website
Last Update:    2013-08-18 18:46:07
Suffolk County, Nassau County, Queens, Manhattan



RGPT offers quality, professional and courteous service for the care of your piano. Tuning, Pitch Raising and Pitch Lowering, Regulation, hammer repairs, replacement, key top repairs and replacement, Field Expert for Dampp-Chaser installation and service, Certified repair technician for Yamaha Disklavier, PianoDisc and QRS Pianomation computer player systems. Many other services available through RGPT or associates that perform services not done by RGPT. Only other professionals qualified are recommended.


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Name:  Teresa Severin
Title:  Piano Service
Testimonial:  "Rich has been a dedicated advocate of piano humidity control for many years, protecting pianos from the adverse climate of New York. Rich has accomplished the Field Expert designation as a Piano Life Saver System installer and we are happy to recommend him to piano owners who wish to purchase the System." Teresa Severin, VP Marketing Dampp-Chaser Corporation

Name:  Stephanie
Title:  Piano Service
Testimonial:  "Rich has been keeping my antique upright in tune for years. He is a conscientious gentleman, and his love of music fills our home each time he comes. Our Siamese cat, Augustus, is enthralled by his playing, and looks forward to sharing the piano bench with him at each visit." Stephanie October 28, 2011

Name:  Mike Zarate
Title:  Piano Service
Testimonial:  "I have worked with Rich for several years. Rich is a very detailed oriented person who pursues to continually increase his knowledge, so that he's able to provide the best possible quality service to his customers. I have recommended Rich to our customers in his area, because I feel that he is honest and is able to represent our company with successful results." Michael Zarate PianoDisc / Mason & Hamlin / Wessell, Nickel & Gross November 9, 2011

Name:  Dave Tabachnick
Title:  Piano Service
Testimonial:  "Rich tuned the piano at my son Jeff's house. Jeff was very happy with the quality of service and manner in which things were done. Jeff has a great piano and will only use Rich for the servicing of his piano." Dave Tabachnick November 8, 2011

Name:  Joe Vulpis
Title:  Piano Service
Testimonial:  "Rich is someone you can completely trust to get the job done 100%. In addition he's personable and thorough." Joe Vulpis AP Music Studio November 8, 2011

Name:  Neil Napolitano
Title:  Piano Service
Testimonial:  "Rich Goldberg has been a trusted source for the professional care of my piano for many years. Rich possesses a combination of technical expertise and friendly demeanor that makes him a pleasure to work with. In addition, he has a passion for his craft and a desire for complete client satisfaction that shines through in everything he does. I would not hesitate to recommend Rich Goldberg to anyone in need of complete piano care and related services. He is quite simply the best." Neil Napolitano A+E Networks November 13, 2011

Name:  Claire L
Title:  Piano Service
Testimonial:  "I met Rich this past summer after my husband and I were relocated back to the east coast. There had been some damage done to my piano and Rich was recommended to us. Not knowing anything about him, I must admit that I was a little nervous. Upon his arrival to our home, he explained everything he needed to do. I must say, I was relieved. Because of his kindness, I found it easy to trust and like him. After the repairs and tuning were done, I found out how beautifully he plays and how he makes the piano sound the way it should. I bought a 2 tuning contract from him and yesterday he returned to do the 2nd tuning. Once again the piano was singing. I will continue to have him tune and do any repairs that may pop up. I highly recommend Rich to anyone. Oh and by the way, if you haven't had a chance to listen to his CD Eclecticity, do so. I have and it is really great. You will hear just how talented he is." Claire L. December 14, 2011

Name:  Jerry Gadwa
Title:  Music
Testimonial:  "Hi Rich, My name is Jerry Gadwa. I am a piano tuner technician with a shop about 50 miles west of Albany. Just wanted to say that I found your site online. I thought it is very well put together. But over and above all that I am a musician and just want to let you know that I very much appreciate your music. Hope to purchase some of your music in the future. God bless you. Jerry" Jerry Gadwa February 11, 2012

Name:  David Winkler
Title:  Piano Service
Testimonial:  "Rich is a terrific piano technician who always arrives early to our concert events, tunes our concert instruments with impeccable care and efficiency, and on top of it all, charges a very fair and competitive rate. We will continue to retain him and we urge others to do likewise." David Winkler Executive Director Chamber Players International June 11, 2012

Name:  Matt Orr
Title:  Piano Service
Testimonial:  "I recently recovered the piano I played as a kid from my parentsâ house in Massachusetts. Itâs value is mostly sentimental, but I'd like to see it playable for my three kids for the years to come. Rich has been as thorough in describing the condition of the piano and of the work he's doing to get it playable (and likely even better than that) as he was professional in setting up the appointment. I'm really happy my wife contacted Rich." Matt Orr Mattituck, NY December 18, 2012

Name:  Daniel Kennedy
Title:  Piano Service
Testimonial:  "Richard is a skilled technician that cares about his craft, and it shows in the terrific service he did on our piano. Thanks again!" Daniel Kennedy January 30, 2013

Name:  Mike
Title:  Piano Service
Testimonial:  "Our old piano was sounding horrible. I used the web site to request an appointment – very convenient. I received an immediate response and scheduled a time that was perfect for my schedule. Rich was punctual, professional, friendly and most importantly of all, talented. Our piano has not sounded as good in years. I also felt his prices were fair and he explained everything before doing any work. We highly recommend Rich and will definitely use him again." Mike February 21, 2013

Name:  Steve Weldon
Title:  Piano Service
Testimonial:  "Rich does great work and is always prompt and on time!" Steve Weldon February 23, 2013

Name:  Lauren E.
Title:  Piano Service
Testimonial:  "What a wonderful person and talented musician! It was a pleasure to have you tune our piano and prepare it for our future use. Very kind and explained everything our piano needed in understandable terms and with great patience. It was also nice to have an immediate response and an appointment the very next day. Thanks to Rich, I can now start learning how to play on a piano that sounds as it should!" Lauren E. March 22, 2013

Name:  Philip Winterfield
Title:  Piano Service
Testimonial:  "On Long Island there are several piano tuners and service repairmen; so how will you find the right person to make your piano sound its best? Lucky for me I called Rich Goldberg. His professionalism, courtesy and repair/tuning skills are superior. My piano sounds the best it ever did and the action works like new. If you want the finest care for your piano do not call anybody else, just call Rich! And your repair/tuning will be complimented by some of the finest piano music you have ever listened to." Philip Winterfield April 11, 2013

Name:  Stacey
Title:  Piano Service
Testimonial:  "I would recommend Rich Goldberg Piano Tuning to anyone in need of piano services. He was professional and trustworthy. I immediately felt comfortable and at ease with him. Our piano was repaired and tuned in a very timely fashion. We are enjoying the sound of the piano once again!" Stacey June 11, 2013

Name:  Linda
Title:  Piano Service
Testimonial:  "We have been blessed with 3 children with outstanding musical talents…2 of them playing the piano, one of those two attending college to be a music teacher. They always appreciate the difference in the sound of our old piano when it has been tuned by Rich. This is our second piano, joining our family from a relative that moved to Florida. Rich took the time to make it the best it can be, and we are very happy with the results thus far!" Linda June 18, 2013

Name:  Peggy N
Title:  Piano Service
Testimonial:  "It was good luck for me when I found Rich. I had just had my baby grand piano moved and it arrived in an unplayable condition. Rich had to do some major repairs on it to restore it, installed the automatic humidity control, and is now keeping it in tune for me. I appreciate his professionalism, his knowledge about every part of the piano, and his reasonable rates. It has been a pleasure dealing with him." Peggy N. June 27, 2013

Name:  Joel C
Title:  Piano Service
Testimonial:  "The services provide by Rich are great. He’s courteous, takes his time, reminds you when service is due, and is quite punctual. Thank you." Joel C. July 19, 2013

Name:  Steve
Title:  Internet sale
Testimonial:  "I ordered a set of clear lucite caster cups for a grand piano on display in our living room. RGPT was very cooperative and courteous, quick shipping – product was exactly as expected. Although I’m not local and won’t be able to benefit from services, I will certainly bookmark this site in case I need products in the future. Thank you!" Steve July 29, 2013

Name:  Jie Ysng
Title:  Testimonials
Testimonial:  "Rich has been our piano tuner for the past two years. He is always on time and his service is impeccable. I especially enjoy the little concert he plays after the piano is tuned. I appreciate his professionalism and kindness. We plan to always let him to take care of our piano. Thank you, Rich!" Jie August 14, 2013

Date:  2013-08-18 18:46:07
Subject:  Tuning “New” Pianos vs. “Used” Pianos
Blog:  Over the past 18 years I have been involved in my piano tuning & service business, I often hear questions about when to tune pianos, how often to tune, are there normal amounts of tunings per year, why doesn’t my piano sound good after a tuning, and tons more. It was interesting to me that my wife, who really does not know much about pianos and the mechanics involved, asked me a great question: “Are there guidelines for when to tune pianos?”; i.e. - such as “new”, “used, “with players”, “with players and speakers”, and more. For this reason, I would like to offer what I feel are common sense guidelines about piano ownership and care. As far as questions regarding pianos not sounding good after tuning and others, I will tackle that at another time. Anyway, here goes… #1 – When obtaining a piano, the placement in the home is extremely important. If space permits, it is always best to place it away from heater and air conditioning vents, windows and any heat creating sources that can effect the structure of the piano. Ideally, place the piano on an inside wall, away from any ventilation registers (ducts). #2 – Whether the piano is “new” or “used”, the piano needs a time to adjust itself to its’ new environment. Most often, piano dealers and technicians will advise not having the piano adjusted for 10-14 days, but no more than 21-30 days after placement in its’ new home. So, when you purchase or acquire a piano, make sure to plan on having it serviced about 2-4 weeks AFTER it is in place. It is extremely important to let the piano stand and acclimate so when serviced, there is less chance that adjustments made by your tuner/technician will drastically change caused by environmental conditions. #3 – For “new” pianos from a retailer, it is strongly recommended to tune the piano at least once every 3 months in order to “train the piano” to be stable and stay “in tune” as long as possible. No matter the tuner or technique, pianos will be affected by excess humidity and lack of humidity, which is why tunings more often in the beginning are so necessary, giving the piano any chance of stability. Of course, when the piano is consistently serviced, the owner(s) will have much more enjoyment from its’ performance capabilities. #4 – For “used” pianos, it is recommend to wait the 2 week minimum, but certainly no more than the 4 weeks (as above). The difference from “new” and “used” pianos is very slim though. If a “used” piano has been properly maintained, than chances are tunings once every 6 months will be sufficient to maintain stability. However, if the piano was not maintained regularly, there may be more tunings necessary the first year, especially if a “pitch adjustment” is required. At that point, check with your tuner/technician for his/her recommendation on correct procedures to follow. Also, the environment will dictate how often tunings should be completed. #5 – Pianos with a player system and/or a player with speakers should be tuned more often, usually a minimum of once every 4 months, and sometimes more often. A simple reason, is that when you invest whatever dollars in an instrument that has a player system, the player does not go out of tune, but the piano will. A system which includes speaker(s) will need extra special care to make sure the piano and its reproduction of recorded sound will perform well and not hurt the hearing devices on the side of your head, known as your “ears“! After all, when you listen to the piano, why would you want to hurt your ears, your mind, and any of your friends and relatives ears in the same area as the piano and its’ multitude of sounds. I do hope you find this information of help and encourage you to ask questions or make comments. I look forward to your feedback. Wishing you many happy years of health and great music, I am harmoniously yours, Rich Goldberg Owner, RGPT