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Rosenkrans Piano Studio Seattle, Washington
Contact Details
Name:   Jean Rosenkrans
Phone:   (206)639-0368
Website:   Click here to go to my website
Last Update:    2013-07-20 20:26:41
Lake city Way area, U district,Wedgewood,Shoreline,Edmond.

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I am a national and state certified piano teacher. I hold a permanent professional piano teacher certificate from Washington state. I have adjudicated for the Piano Guild and Federation Music Club. I received my B.A. degree in music from the College of Chinese Culture, M.M. degree from the University of South Carolina and some D.M.A. credits from the University of Washington. After graduating from college, I taught eight years at the Kuang Jen Elementary School music program which is equivalent to a conservatory preparatory program in the US. I also taught piano at the College of Chinese Culture. My students have always received superior ratings or have been winners in different competitions. Currently I'm actively involved in the Well Prepared Pianist Institute (WPPI). The WPPI is one of the rare programs that is still teaching tone color, imagery , and how to control the instrument and artistry of piano playing starting at the elementary level. Unlike traditional teaching which results in curved fingers and stiff wrists that produce harsh tone, WPPI program teaches the beginners how to use their finger, wrist, fore arm, whole arm as well as the whole body. The WPPI program teaches different styles of tone in playing all the classical styles such as Bach, Mozart , Haydn, using up and down fingering . However, the romantic and impressionistic styles have to be played using horizontal motion to produce the gorgeous romantic tone. Unlike traditional programs which focus on short term perfection while learning a limited repertoire and sacrificing sight reading facility, the WPPI program aims at holistically developing the student through progressive growth featuring house concerts at every level to help develop student confidence and performance skills in a nurturing and familiar environment. The WPPI program also involves students in piano team recitals. A Piano Team is a 5 member team structured to help the student learn ensemble skills such as cuing and leadership. The goal of WPPI is to train students such that when they have completed the program, they will be independent piano learners and enjoy playing the piano for the rest of their life. Some talented students can go on to the more advanced high school level, preparing themselves to become piano majors in college for a future career.


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Name:  Li Haining
Title:  Recommendation
Testimonial:  My son and daughter have been taking piano lessons from Jean for more than five years. I see them growing not only in piano skills but also in musicianship. They enjoy playing different styles such as Baroque, Romantic and Classical music. Jean has a unique way to help young students master all kinds of techniques. She also differentiates her teaching according to studentsí talents and personalities. Her musical education, her experiences and her dedication make her an excellent piano teacher for all levels of students. Li Haining

Name:  Lixin-Tianshu Gong
Title:  recommendation
Testimonial:  Mrs Jean Rosenkrans is a very experienced and gracious teacher. I especially appreciate her God-given wisdom to teach various skills and hand gestures which make the music alive. Her emphasis on music tones and training on ears is very beneficial to my daughter. My daughter also enjoys how her teacher points out her mistakes in humorous ways. Lixin-Tianshu Gong


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